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Quotes for Securities

Quotes for securities

Security ISIN Issue date Maturity date Days to maturity Coupon Buy yield Sale yield
Obligacion Reference 3Y AL0043NF3Y23 27-Feb-19 27-Feb-22 354 2.30% 2.49% 1.69%
Obligacion Reference 3Y AL0044NF3Y23 26-Feb-20 26-Feb-23 718 2.70% 3.00% 2.20%
Obligacion Reference 3Y AL0045NF3Y24 23-Feb-21 23-Feb-24 1080 2.80% 3.45% 2.65%
Obligacion Reference 5Y AL0035NF5Y23 19-Jul-18 19-Jul-23 861 5.30% 3.32% 2.52%
Obligacion Reference 5Y AL0036NF5Y24 30-Jan-19 30-Jan-24 1056 4.20% 3.42% 2.62%
Obligacion Reference 5Y AL0037NF5Y25 26-Mar-20 26-Mar-25 1477 3.70% 4.53% 3.73%


The above quotes are indicative and are subject to changes and negotiations depending on the Bank requirements.

Transactions related to Securities are performed within two days.

For any specific request related to the above Securities or other related issues please contact the Treasury Sector by email at: [email protected], Tel:+355 44537201.