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About the Group

NCH Capital Inc.

American Bank of Investments is a portfolio company of NCH Capital Inc. one of the largest American investors in Eastern Europe with more than USD 3 billion under management.

Since its foundation in 1992, the firm has built a successful investment track record in Eastern Europe. NCH’s funds over the last 24 years have acquired, founded or co-founded numerous companies in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece and Albania, as well as the United Kingdom and Brazil.

NCH Capital Inc. is registered with U.S.Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC), the independent federal U.S government agency responsible for protecting investors, maintaing fair and orderly functioning of the securities markets, and facilitating capital formation.

NCH has invested in several banks and non-banking financial institutions in Albania, Romania, Moldova, and Latvia that have quickly and consistently grown their balance sheets and improved their performance.

In the financial field, NCH Capital has had a long and successful experience in banking administration, insurance companies and financial institutions in these countries.

In 2007, NCH Capital began investing in the Western Balkans region, and established a regional office in Tirana, Albania.

For more information about NCH Capital, please visit: www.nchcapital.com

Tranzit Finance

Tranzit Finance is a financial institution and portfolio company of NCH Capital Inc.

In 2014, Tranzit was the financial institucion with the fastest growth in Albanian Market.
Tranzit employs a staff of 70, and has a customer base of about 80,000 individuals and companies.

With its focus on debt consolidation, Tranzit has effectively created a secondary market for non-performing debt in Albania and is an important factor in addressing this issue in the local banking system.

For more information about Tranzit, please visit: www.tranzit.com.al